Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Animated Cairo Artist Hend Comes to Life in Debut Single ‘Etlatena’

A cartoon singer dropping funk and disco wasn’t on our August bingo cards.

Ahmed Khalaf

What is an artist? Is it a person expressing their inner notion? Can it be a concept made up of refreshing ideas? Well, Hend tries to make the latter case. A live animated music artist, Hend is a character reminiscent of Bugs Bunny as he played basketball with Michael Jordan. Based in Cairo, Hend is a singer songwriter from two worlds and is heavily influenced by funk and disco.

In her debut single ‘Etlatena’, the video bursts with bright colours and a sunny composition showing Hend’s animated groove alongside handpicked dancers. Hend’s lyrics consider the concept of noise and the endless drone of all its forms through social media, gossip, forms of entertainment, and even propaganda. Musically, it’s what you would expect in a disco and funk track, with a hefty bassline, bright synths, and a dulcet percussion accompanied by a funk guitar riff.