Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Artist Spotlight: Baskot Lel Baltageyya - Making Fever Dream Alt-Rock

Adham Zidan of the enigmatic Cairo-based outfit takes us through the band’s inception and the city’s influence on their sound.

Zaid Kreshan

Artist Spotlight: Baskot Lel Baltageyya - Making Fever Dream Alt-Rock

Embracing a wide variety of musical influences, Cariene alternative group Baskot Lel Baltageyya’s eclectic blend of dreamy synthesizers, eerie lyrical themes and atmospheric productions have helped develop the band’s instantly recognizable sound.

Initially conceived as a live show, the project focuses on crafting music that can be performed on stage organically, favoring realistic arrangements that can be recreated in venues big and small, Baskot Lel Baltageyya eventually developed from a concept show into a full-length album, which the band has been touring with around the globe.

At this year’s edition of Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we caught up with producer and sound engineer Adham Zidan Baskot Lel Baltageyya, where he told us how the band is deeply inspired by the unpredictability of Cairo, and how making order out of chaos stands as a central theme of the band’s music. Zidan also talks about the band’s vision of reimagining the sound that would have developed had the history of Arabic music taken a different turn along the way.

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