Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Artist Spotlight: Ma-Beyn - Exploring New Sonic Territories

Egyptian-Palestinian artist Ma-Beyn speaks with us about her evolving musical identity, as well as her love of sound design and left-field sonics.

Zaid Kreshan

Artist Spotlight: Ma-Beyn - Exploring New Sonic Territories

Ever since her emergence in the MENA music scene, Egyptian-Palestinian artist Ma-Beyn has been drawing the attention of fans around the region with her genre-bending releases and futuristic visual style.

From experimental hip-hop to laid-back funk, Ma-Beyn’s career has seen her exploring a wide range of genres, as the artist prefers not to be bound by any particular style. Her musically-inclined family and an early-rooted love of music have expanded her influences along the years, and when she began experimenting with sound design while helping a friend with a university project, Ma-Beyn was intrigued by creating sonics that were completely new and never heard before.

As the artist continues to explore new territories with her music, Ma-Beyn’s thought-provoking lyricism and signature vocal style distinguish her singular sound and anchor her ever-changing discography.

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