Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Artist Spotlight: Ziad Zaza

Egyptian rapper Ziad Zaza opens up about how he was feeling while working on his latest sentimental EP, ‘Wrangler Beda’.

Zaid Kreshan

Artist Spotlight: Ziad Zaza

Through his distinctive take on drill music, Ziad Zaza has quickly made a name for himself in Egypt’s rap scene. The artist’s off-beat delivery and aggressive vocal style has garnered him an almost cult-like following since his debut album ‘El Rays’.

However, in his latest EP, ‘Wrangler Beda’, Zaza shows a more vulnerable side of his songwriting, taking to a RnB inspired flow to express what he usually finds hard to communicate outside of music.

In this Artist Spotlight, Zaza opens up to SceneNoise about channeling his emotions through ‘Wrangler Beda’, and his latest hit music video ‘Basha’.