Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Audio Bus is the Educational Platform Making Music Production Easy(er)

From quick tips and tricks in producing music to teaching the basics of Ableton, Audio Bus is the educational platform every aspiring producer has been waiting for.

Nadine El Roubi

Founded by Mostafa Adel in November 2021, Audio Bus is a platform that teaches elements of music production on levels accessible to both beginners and pros. Packaged in bite-sized Instagram Reels of Ableton screen-recordings, each video is a non-intimidating peek into the daunting world of Ableton, samples, mix engineering, and production.

Aside from Adel’s own tutorials, the Reels also feature the expertise of guest producers Kubbara and Zuli, who give clear and concise instructions in Arabic voice overs, translated with English subtitles. This makes the platform not just digestible to producers of all levels of expertise; they’re also comprehensive to both Arabic and English audiences. Aside from tips and tricks on social media, the platform also offers a beginner’s-level course at the start of every month. Eventually, Audio Bus will be hosting workshops on other topics by a number of other guest instructors.

How did a platform of such vital importance and potential impact only just appear on a scene that’s been blooming for years? The reason behind this, like most burgeoning businesses these days that seemingly appeared from thin air – is the pandemic. In mid-2020, producer and DJ Mostafa Adel began teaching music production privately, earning different students through word of mouth. Upon a growing clientele and seeing a growing need for this knowledge, Adel decided to make the service official.

“The purpose of Audio Bus”, Adel shared in a conversation with SceneNoise, “is to introduce all music enthusiasts to the world of music production… it is now actually a very attainable skill, unlike before.”

Though Adel is capitalizing on the traction garnered from the trend of short-form video content, he’s looking to expand to more in-depth video content soon. “In the near future we will also be presenting a wider range of content, from technical talks with various music producers to more entertaining musical content.”