Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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BLTNM's Shabjdeed, Daboor, Fawzi & Taymour To Perform in London

Palestinian record label and collective BLTNM team up with MARSM once again for a live show by Shabjdeed, Daboor, Fawzi and Taymour in a concert on January 28th.

Farah Desouky

BLTNM's Shabjdeed, Daboor, Fawzi & Taymour To Perform in London

Ramallah-based label BLTNM are taking over the Oslo Hackney stage in London on January 28th, returning to their UK fan base after their last sold-out show on October 11th. The upcoming event marks the second collaboration with MARSM, a UK-based events producer and digital platform.

The concert will feature BLTNM’s resident rappers, Shabjdeed, Daboor, Fawzi and Jordanian producer, Taymour. We’re also keeping our ears to the ground for a live ‘Inn Ann’ chant in London after Daboor’s absence from the previous performance.

Over the years, BLTNM’s roster of artists has been staying true to their witty and rebellious lyricism and dynamic productions since 2019. Working closely with BLTNM producer Al Nather, Shabjdeed has quickly become one of the most influential rappers in the region, amassing millions of views across his releases. Meanwhile, Daboor’s ‘In Ann’ hit over 65 million streams across all platforms, becoming an anthem to Palestinian resistance.

Fawzi, known for his non-autotuned flow, uses clever wordplay as heard in his EP, '2000' with hits like ‘Kilmeh’ and ‘Hajmeh’ featuring Al Nather. Rounding out the lineup, Jordanian producer Taymour has been working on various rap projects across Amman, heavily emphasising sampling.

As a label, BLTNM’s ability to discover and represent new musicians continuously shaking the MENA region is groundbreaking. BLTNM’s repeat gigs in London and partnership with MARSM, are helping to bridge the gap between its artists and their audiences, worldwide.

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