Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Best Rap Releases of the Week 23

Another week, another spate of top releases from the world of rap, both from across the MENA region and the Arab diaspora.

Scene Noise

When it comes to the rap scene in the Middle East and Arab diaspora, the sheer amount of releases on a weekly basis means that it's nigh on impossible to whittle them down to 10. Alas, SceneNoise has taken this most burdening of responsibilities on its shoulders and a week of inter-office arguments, two impassioned speeches and one impromptu rap battle between two Noise writers who don't rap have gone into finalising this week's selection. Enjoy.

KASO ft. Ala & El Castro - Rish
Lil Baba X Desso X Abyusif X Abo El Anwar - Mi Vida
Ahmed Santa x Alfy - El Nemr El Eswed
The Synaptik - Moseqa Al Qamar

Perrie X Lil Baba - Perrie Taniya

Al9ine X KA7LA X Kwifya X Big Hass Ft. DJ Lethal Skillz - Jisr

Dareen x Rashed – Jalapeno
ABUL3EES & rknddn - NA7LEH
Budgy - One Hit Wonder (London Freestyle)
Beshlawy - Bara El Magara