Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Best Rap Releases of the Week 26

It’s been a long week, so treat yourself to the best releases of the past seven days from the MENA and diaspora rap scene.

Scene Noise

The rap scene in the Middle East and Arab locale and diaspora never sleeps, and neither do the SceneNoise whizzes who keep their ears peeled to any new sounds. Here’s our latest list of the best rap releases of the week. Enjoy.

Khtek - Bizarre
Nashmi - Sunflower
Kouz1 - Numero Uno
DizzyTooSkinny - Mesh Mohtam

Lil Baba x Abyusif x Abo El Anwar - Awel Ma Eldemagh
Eldab3 x Blu Fiefer - NASDAQ
Budgy ft. MousV - Drip

La Rosy - Gaza

Big Murk x Rknddnn - Bein W Ma Bein
Moe Gee - Champagne