Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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Best Rap Releases of the Week 31

Another week, another spate of top releases from the world of rap, both from across the MENA region and the Arab diaspora.

Scene Noise

As rap continues it’s meteoric ascent to the top of MENA's proverbial music charts, keeping up with the seemingly endless daily flow of new rap music is becoming quite a challenge. In order to keep you up-to-date with the latest releases from some of the MENA’s best rap talents, we’ve compiled this list of new and noteworthy musical projects released over the past week. Enjoy.

Slyver - Otl Fanny

Big Sam - Azazel

Batistuta x Rashed - El Harafeesh

Dareen x Rashed - Calma

Azwed - Darb

Mosalem - Daddy

Besh - Masalek