Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Best Rap Releases of the Week 37

To stay afloat with the new rap released by artists in the MENA locale and diaspora, feast yourself upon our list of the best releases of the past week.

Scene Noise

It always feels like there’s bound to be an inherent injustice in gathering the finest top 10 rap releases of the week in the Middle East and Arab locale and diaspora, for the task requires the reluctant act of eliminating very worthy sounds. Still, to help you at least keep up with the blossoming scene, we’ve compiled a list of the best releases of the week. As always, enjoy.

Baby Gang ft ElGrande Toto - Come Va

Mousv - Zelzal

Perrie - Rules

The Synaptik - Taraf Al Khait

Nastysh!!t ft Dabl De - Clock

Aly Loka ft Wezza Montaser - Fawa2laha

Khaled Khalifa - Detox