Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Big Hass Re-Launches Iconic MENA Hip-Hop Magazine Re-Volt in Print

A decade after first emerging as a digital platform for the region's hip-hop culture, Re-Volt Magazine is back -- in print.

Nadine El Roubi

If you were an avid follower of hip-hop in the MENA region back in 2013, you’re probably familiar with legendary Re-Volt Mag. Back then it was a digital space for those who championed real hip-hop - a platform to appreciate the art sans the commercial and tasteless noise. 

The magazine was created by Big Hass during his time in Saudi Arabia. His passion for hip-hop went beyond appreciating the iconic hits coming out of the west -- he wanted to nurture that same culture growing in the Arab region, while also making it clear to anyone who was looking that Arab artists had a story to tell through rhyme and rhythm. 

Aside from hip-hop, its subgenres, and the culture surrounding including DJing, MCing, Breaking, Graffiti, Beatbox, and Knowledge, Re-Volt Magazine modes of expression and art that demonstrate the richness of Arab culture.

According to their website, “Re-Volt magazine is a platform under the same roof as Re-Volt Blog, which initially started as a space where views on mainstream music could be openly discussed, where the music industry could be put on stand and lastly, where underground, talented unrepresented artists were given a chance to stand out.”

The magazine being re-birthed in print is proof that the desire to see real hip-hop culture grow in the region is strong - now, thanks to Big Hass, hip-hop fans can enjoy this region’s version of The Source. The magazine itself is designed by none other than Hanane Fathallah, Big Hass' right-hand woman and co-mastermind in creating the printed magazine.