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Bklava’s 2-Step Bop ‘Close To You’ Sets Summery Mood for ‘Autonomy’ EP

The rising UK-based star promises ‘non-stop bops and flava’ in forthcoming EP. on Ministry of Sound.

Blossoming Brighton-based Irish-Lebanese vocalist and producer, Bklava, has dropped a buoyant new bop ‘Close To You’ to mark the announcement of her upcoming Autonomy EP with the Ministry of Sound.

With personal, emotive lyrics reflecting on an unhealthy relationship coupled with a contagiously optimistic and summery electronic beat, the singer asserts her own autonomy over her experiences.“Close to you isn’t about one particular experience. I had gone from being in a toxic co-dependent relationship to finally feeling secure on my own and having some control in my life,” Bklava reflects. “By the time I was ready to start dating again, I was ready for something new. I was confident in my newfound independence and revelled in the control I finally felt I had in my life.”

After announcing herself with her self-titled debut EP in 2020, the rising star has been hailed as ‘One to Watch for 2021’ by Amazon Music as well as by BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard in his ‘Future Fire 2021’.

With the promise of “non-stop bops and flava” to come in her upcoming EP, the floaty, flavourful 2-stepper promises to be a characterising sound in the UK’s new wave of summery club tracks.