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Bu Kolthoum Is Unbreakable In Latest Music Video 'SVWWVN'

The video revolves around themes of dissonance and distraught; you can spot a man being attacked and kidnapped mere 10 seconds into the video.

Following his critically-acclaimed album ‘Taleb’ last year, Bu Kolthoum have been on a breathing space for the past six months, causing fans to itch for a new project. Luckily for admirers, the Amsterdam-based Syrian rapper has just released a music video accompanying his latest single ‘SVWWVN’, an ode to resilience.

The single commences with an early 00’s synth sample that preps you up for what you’d think to be an old-school hip hop track, until the inevitable take over by the reese bass that slaps the track back to the 20’s.

The video is centred around themes of  dissonance and distraught only 10 seconds into the video you can see a man getting attacked and kidnapped. A transition takes place and the rapper is seen uttering ‘ و الخوّان يموت عندي و ما يحيى ولو يمشي الملوك ما تاكل الجيفه بس أشرب دم يلّي يرمي عقدّ الطيبه أنا فاجر و عقدّ العشره أنا صوّا’ in fury, depicting how betrayal feels from his experience.

Bu’s latest single ‘SVWWVN’ can be found below.