Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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CHEEN's 2010 Cult Favourite 'Abaad Makan' Gets Molotof Rework

The track found fame as part of indie film ‘Microphone’ and now it’s been given the ‘Molowave’ treatment a decade on.

Scene Noise

In 2010, Egyptian singer-songwriter CHEEN created ‘Abaad Makan’ for Egyptian director Ahmad Abdalla’s cult film ‘Microphone’. Now, over a decade later, she’s bringing the track back – with a twist. 

In collaboration with Molotof, one of Egypt’s hottest producers, CHEEN has reworked the track for a modern audience. Though the song has been re-charged and arranged to pop-perfection with Molotof’s signature ‘Molowave’ sound, ‘Abaad Makan’ still carries the sweet melancholic nostalgia of the decade-old version it’s modeled on.