Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Cairo Producer Azaar Takes on UK Minimal-Inspired Sound in ‘So High’

A favourite on Cairo’s DJing scene, Azaar’s latest release once again showcases a different side of his musicality that we’re not catching at the parties.

Ahmed Khalaf

A favourite on Egypt’s nightlife scene, Cairo-based DJ/producer Azaar is back with another laid back release, suitably named ‘So High’. While he’s usually known for his thumping house and slappy funk selections as a DJ, his production paints him as a much more versatile and eclectic maker of music.

Giving off an almost UK minimal direction, Azaar utilises a layered bassline structure that adds textures and melodies to the track without having to rely so much on synths The track’s erratic surges come from the wobbly basslines, as well as the pulsating, icy percussion.

Vocals serve to add another layer to the sonic ensemble, though it never feels intrusive, instead joining the elements to maintain that minimalistic feel. 

Azaar’s releases have been erratic at best over the last couple of years, which is a shame, because in addition to ‘So High’, previous releases such as 2021’s ‘It’s a Feeling’ and 2020’s SceneNoise-premiered ‘Cuz’ have shown him to be a producer with a point of view. What’s next? We think an EP is the natural next step…