Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Cairo’s Issa&Assouad Team with Rappers from UK & Sweden in ‘Let Me Go’

The hotshot production duo have been on a rise in 2021, with their fluid sound breaking through the borders of Egypt.

Ahmed Khalaf

In a year that has seen them work with a range of artists, launch their ‘Neo-Cairo’ concept night and share lineups with the likes of Marwan Moussa, El Joker and even US rapper, Rich the Kid, things are very much in the ascendancy for Issa&Assouad.

The Cairo-based production duo have taken another step in their impressive rise, breaking out of the boundaries of Egypt to collaborate with rappers in London and Sweden. Always on the search for new collaborators to expand their increasingly fluid approach to hip-hop, their first international collusion comes with London-based Nigerian rapper, Ayüü, and Sweden-based Iraqi rapper, BAWS.

According to the duo, ‘Let Me Go’ track was produced over a year-and-a-half ago and sent to Ayüü who took exactly two days to do his part and send it back. With a certain vision for the finished track in mind, however, the duo shelved the project until they came by BAWS, who offered his Arabic verse to to balance out Ayüü ENglish bars - a balance that Issa&Assouad hit all the right notes for their original vision.With a tropical Afro beat, the track paints a picture of a sunset chill, which the artwork reflects quite aptly. Ayüü kicks off the track with his light-hearted lyrics and smooth-as-butter flow, before the BAWS goes in hard with distinctly deeper vocals and a more rugged delivery, which feeds into the overall yin-and-yang of the whole thing.

What it ultimately serves to do, however, is one again showcase a rare flexibility and versatility that isn’t all too common in Egypt. Producers work for years to hone a signature sound and maybe Issa&Assouad will eventually settle on a sound that they can truly call their own - in the meantime, though, it's been a ball watching them figure it out, explore and simply have fun.