Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Cassette Relaunches With New Venue For Egypt’s Sahel Season

The beachfront rooftop club is coming back to New Alamein with a new venue and other exciting plans for the Sahel season.

Youssef Armanios

Cassette Relaunches With New Venue For Egypt’s Sahel Season

Over the past couple years, Egypt’s Sahel season has seen an immense surge in the number of new party collectives and rave destinations, with party-goers flocking to the North Coast to take in the sun whilst dancing their worries away, and few places drew in the crowd quite like beachfront rooftop club ‘Cassette’.

Launched in 2022, Cassette opened in New Alamein City at the seafront North Square Mall. In just its first season, the club has made noticeable traction in cementing itself in the Sahel nightlife scene, hosting over 15 events and inviting over 50 regional and international artists with the likes of Italy’s Malanda Jr, Berlin’s Sibil & Maxime, Mosto, Zeina and Nour Fahmy, to name a few.

This year, Cassette is relaunching in a new location right around the corner from their original home. According to the organisers, the new venue constitutes an indoor space with a 360-degree panoramic view with multiple terraces, with plans for multiple state of the art lighting systems, mirror installations and local hand-made decorations to support community members.

Party-goers can expect potential collaborations with international brands such as DuckSoup and Retrogroove, as well as some of our favourite regional collectives like Misfits, NoName and Yellow Tape Records. Brand ambassadors till now are Egyptian spinners Youssef Awadly and Ahmed Samy El-Adl, with resident DJs including Toola, Akladious and Amrr.

And for all the hungry ravers out there, Cassette is partnering up with local-favourite pizzeria ‘What The Crust’ - because what kind of party would it be without pizza?

Official public events have yet to be announced. For more information, visit their official Instagram page at @cassette.newalamein