Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Clubbing Purposes Announce Italian DJ Yaya in Debut Gig at CJC

'Clubbing Purposes' podcast brings Italian producer and DJ, Yaya Tamango, to the CJC stage in debut gig.

Scene Noise

Egyptian producer, DJ, and music instructor Shiha is one of the longest-serving and most prolific artists and entrepreneurs on Egypt’s electronic scene. He is the co-founder of Epic 101, the leading music production, DJing, and VJing school which birthed many of  the DJs and producers currently making noise on the regional scene and is a lauded house performer in his own right. 

Two years ago, Shiha launched ‘Clubbing Purposes’ as a music podcast series featuring his own sets as well a slew of established artists including the likes of Mazen El Messery and Carl Waller. The platform has now evolved into a party series launching with Italian house DJ/producer Yaya in collaboration with Egyptian party brand ‘Heart, Soul, and Mind’. 

The event is taking place in Cairo’s CJC610 on October 20th.