Friday April 19th, 2024
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DJ Totti & Ibrahim X Team-Up for Egyptian Carnival of Shaabi 'Kazyon'

It's been a big year for Kafr EL Dauwar Records' Ibrahim X, who is now based in France, but he's looked to home for his latest release, produced by DJ Totti.

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DJ Totti & Ibrahim X Team-Up for Egyptian Carnival of Shaabi 'Kazyon'

A member of the brilliant, shaabi-innovating Egyptian collective, Kafr El Dauwar Records, Ibrahim X, has most recently been seen in Switzerland alongside fellow member, Yunis, performing in France and Switzerland - a remarkable feat for the underground experimentalists from the northern industrial town from which they took their name.

For his latest release, however, he’s come much closer to home, teaming up with prolific producer, Totti. 

Known for his bass-heavy take on shaabi music, new collaborative track, ‘Kazyon’,  follows producer Totti’s signature style of production - an unapologetic spark of mahraganat fusion that lays the grounds for Ibrahim X to run riot with his street poet lyricism. 
2021 has been a big year for both artists; Ibrahim X has essentially moved to Paris and has been in a near constant state of performing and releasing, while Totti has stepped out of the usual circles of collaboration he’s usually found in, collaborating with the likes of Egyptian singer-songwriter, Dina El-Wedidi.