Thursday March 30th, 2023
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DJ Totti Teases Upcoming EP Mahragan El Qahira with Two Releases

The iconic DJ-Producer has come out with his first instrumental album, experimenting with sounds that blend futurism and antiquity.

Lana Mawlood

DJ Totti has released the first two tracks of his latest album Mahragan El Qahera, namely, Intro and Khartoush. For the month of February, the heavyweight Mahragan producer and DJ will drip-feed his listeners one track every Thursday, with the remaining tracks pending release being Ma3sel x LM3allam; El 7arfoosh; Kharab X Molotof; and finally, Late.

The album-work depicts a certain futurism superimposed onto antiquity, a musical evocation of The Mummy and Interstellar in equal measure. The inaugural Intro carves out a thick, immersive soundscape of heavy synths and amped-up sounds of aircraft, a sonic lift-off that will propel listeners forth into the main body of the album. Or perhaps these engine sounds echo military vehicles; indeed, running beneath the instrumentals is the crackle of a speech-giver speaking on themes of occupation and freedom. Hot on the heels of the first release is Khartoush, which opens with a flute-like melody and the monotone of a low horn, creating an atmosphere of foreboding or catharsis, before giving way to the familiar drum beat of the Mahragan genre.

The artist of Mahraganat, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Dina El Wedidi and Shehab and produced for Wegz, has offered us a compelling taster of his latest EP. It remains to be seen which direction the 6-track work will take listeners next.

Listen to the Khartoush here: