Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Dania Premieres Bouncy New Single ‘Eyes On Me’

Dania runs from the judgement of others in her latest music video for 'Eyes On Me'.

Konrad Worning Eilenberger

American singer of Syrian-Croatian descent releases her second single of 2022 ‘Eyes On Me’, following up from last month’s single ‘Friends/Strangers’.

There is no denying Dania’s talent – gifted, with a heavenly voice in the alto range and, on ‘Eyes On Me’, her immense charm shines through. The track is well produced with a solid base of synths, an electric base and a catchy electric guitar that accentuate the chorus. On the percussive side, the beat has a heavy punch kick, acoustic snares and crispy hi-hats.

Through the chorus, one can almost not avoid falling for Dania’s charm as she sings: ‘Uh uh baby when you find it hard to see, you can keep your eyes on me’. Her voice flows smoothly in between the melodic lines of the beat and her words come out soft but firm.

The music video is an experimental eye-themed piece. Dania first appears in tights, with eyes all over and with nails painted with eyes. She suddenly sees herself surrounded by people with a strange kind of zombie-apocalypse eye sickness that seems to be spreading. In the next moment Dania is seen running away, cutting to her appearing alongside the mob. Now, her face is covered in eyes, almost as though she had been collecting the eyes of the cyclops mob-members. In later scenes, her face is covered with dripping wax, as though her skin were melting.

The video is overall a breath of fresh air in the more and more commercially rigid world of popular music.

Watch the music video below.