Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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DesertF!sh Stirs Saudi Electro Scene with Debut EP 'Complex Arguments'

The EP features label comrades Pomme Rouge from Lebanon's Thawra Records and sticks true to deep house customs.

Ahmed Khalaf

DesertF!sh Stirs Saudi Electro Scene with Debut EP 'Complex Arguments'

Making his debut on Lebanese label, Thawra Records, the Saudi DJ, producer, live performer, and audio-visual artist DesertF!sh released a four-track EP ‘Complex Arguments’ in which he reps his Najdi Bedouin roots.

The project leans towards the deep house wings of the electronic spectrum and features a remix from Thawra Records comrades Pomme Rouge. From the very start, DesertF!sh lays out the album’s direction with his use of light kicks, crisp snares and hi-hats. True to deep house customs, a simple melodic line and euphonious harmonies are heard.‘Problem Solving’ and ‘Latent Space’ follow a similar blueprint with sounds but adopt a different format, with each having their own distinct convolutions. Finally, Pommme Rouge play with the first track in a breakbeat manner, adding their own shape to the main elements by layering it with white noise, changing the drum rhythm, and reassembling the overall groove into an entirely new track.

It’s early days for Saudi’s electronic music scene, but DesertF!sh can be hopeful his dulcet project can stir its movements.