Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Dina Miin Bounces & Grooves in Funky R&B Debut ‘Jowa El-Kon’

The Palestinian singer’s first official release sees her working with producer, Samrasounds, who himself showcases a versatility many won't be aware of.

Ahmed Khalaf

Palestinian artist, Dina Miin, has dropped her very first official release in ‘Jowa El-Kon’, showing her colours with a dulcet voice and a flow finely attuned to the beat.

The light vocal delivery accompanied by the funk and R&B-inspired beat creates a euphonious stream of rhythmic harmonies. Carried by the four-on-the-floor kick pattern and rugged bassline which take centre stage in a beat produced by Samrasounds - who also mixed and mastered the track - the artist’s debut musical direction takes the form of bounce and groove.

Main image courtesy of @leens_lens