Monday December 11th, 2023
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Double Zuksh Are Adversaries In Latest Single 'Akhsam'

Drugs, money, corruption, and a greedy plot twist in Double Zuksh's latest music video.

Ahmed Khalaf

Undoubtedly the royalty of the modern shaabi wave, Double Zuksh have kept a relatively low profile in 2022, featuring on some ads here and there with a handful of appearances on some shows too. The enigmatic duo of Zuksh and and Young Zuksh, aka Double Zuksh, have released their first music video of the year in ‘akhsam’, the official music video for the upcoming Spider movie, which stars Egyptian heroes Mona Zaki and Ahmed El-Sakka.

Double Zuksh seem to be drug lords in the video, being the centre of the gang, counting money, filling drugs, and setting up weaponry. Their goons are dressed in all-black attire, boasting spikes and masks for that extra intimidating look. The third scene sees Zuksh remarkably murder his partner and the entire crew to take all the money for himself. Sonically, Double Zuksh takes a contrasting approach with the instrumental, deciding on a thumping trap beat than their usual trap-shaaby direction.