Thursday March 30th, 2023
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EL Waili Goes Back To Solo Productions In 'Taree2 Was3'

Following a sea of eclectic collaborations with various artists. EL Waili goes back to his old ways with a fresh piece of his solo work.

Badreya Electroneya

Innovative Egyptian-Based producer, EL Waili, is known for constantly shapeshifting how music production is perceived, bending the collective’s mind with his compositional production flow. The producer’s methodical approach in elevating his own sound and direction is apparent in his new release ‘Taree2 Was3’.

The track starts off with an interval cycle that heavily draws from a plucky-saw bass-line, as the vocal-chops kick in at around the 6th bar of the progression, giving a glimpse of a mellow voice whispering, “Where are you headed? The roads are wide, tree leaves, springs over” which is ultimately the producer's farewell to the spring solstice and his inevitable welcome for midsummer.

An eroded brassy lead then takes over the beat allowing for a smooth transition, the sonics then transform into an eccentric drum pattern, having the snares imitate something glossy popping. Trumpet sounding synths start dominating the track with a recurring call and response portamento effect taking place to entice listeners. The track then transitions into a choir break, coming to a sweet culmination.

Check out EL Waili’s mesmerizing ‘Taree2 Was3’ below.