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Egypt's Ahmed Basyoni Like You've Never Seen in 'ElHalawa Di'

The rapper and funnyman shows his softer, fluffier side in a track that sees him plant his tongue firmly in his cheek.

Rapper, funnyman and soulful singer. Yes that third label might be new to Egypt’s Ahmed Basyoni, but it’s arguably no less true than the previous two following the release of ‘ElHalawa Di’. It’s a track that sees the Alexandria native plant his tongue firmly in his cheek, but one that is smooth to the ears all the same.

In collaboration with Hussein Gamal, Basyoni is a fluffy, cuddly bundle of cuteness, the track easily coming off as a new R&B hit ballad by a Doja Cat, lets say, and the video even comes across as such. It’s really one of those situations where words will never be able to do it justice. Just press play.