Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Egypt’s Deka Leaves Trap for Funk-Pop in New Single ‘Netla3 Fo2’

After his hard-hitting trap debut last year, the Egyptian up-and-comer heads for funkier, groovier realms.

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Egypt’s Deka Leaves Trap for Funk-Pop in New Single ‘Netla3 Fo2’

It’s easy, maybe even natural, to judge an artist on their public body of work. When you dig deeper into even the greenest of artists, however, you often find a trove of unreleased work, in-process work and even things you’d never assume of the artist in question. This is very much the case for young Egyptian, Deka. After a successful debut last June with his trap single ‘RACKS’, the versatile artist, who’s also a producer and an audio engineer, has switched his sound for his second official release, 'Netla3 Fo2’.Rather than the hard-hitting trap track one was expecting, the quite groovy ’Netla3 Fo2’ finds itself sitting in the realm of funk-pop. A suitably funky guitar riff, slapping bass and bouncy R&B drums come together nicely, while the video features the Cairo-located Museum of Illusions and a rather fetching coat from Egyptian designer, Kojak - a whole world away from Deka’s debut.