Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Egypt’s Feras Chatila ‘Feels Different’ in Indie Funk-Pop Fusion

Produced by the brilliant Ahemd Elian, ‘Feels Different’ is an irresistible twinkling, synth-soaked indie ditty of a track.

Ahmed Khalaf

In an age dominated by hip-hop and electronic music, there’s only a handful of artists going in different directions and utilsing the myriad other sounds that exist under the sun. Enter Egyptian singer-songwriter Feras Chatila with his incredible super-soprano vocal range and his intricate songwriting abilities. His debut outing, ‘Feels Different’, was produced, mixed, and mastered by virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and producer Ahmed Elian.

Think Indie, retrowave, synthpop and funk all together in a blender. This is the path that Elian shapes for Chatila. Indie and Synthpop share many commonalities, with both genres having influence from progressive rock. You got the heavy-synths direction, with a high pitched singing courtesy of the talented Chatila, and funk bass which adds so much body and movement to the track. All the acoustic elements such as the kicks, snares, and most of the drums are layered with electronic versions of themselves which would add more richness to each of the drum elements. By the end of the track, Chatila goes higher with his wide vocal range and is accompanied by a guitar solo to soothe your soul. 

The music video is a trippy, hazed out visual treat (that goes mildly gore) but nonetheless still looks aesthetically appealing. It is shot at Cairo’s favorite Cocoon Culture Center, and the video also puts much emphasis on Chatila’s singing and Elian’s bass playing.