Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egypt's Ma-Beyn & Omar Shehata Take Funk to the Future in ‘Olt Yemken’

Up-and-coming vocalist, Ma-Beyn, teams up with talented multi-instrumentalist, Omar Shehata, in an indubitably fresh take on traditional funk sounds.

Ahmed Khalaf

After emerging as part of new Egyptian group, Ka2en, Egyptian vocalist, Ma-Beyn, has taken a moment out of the collective to show what she's all about, collaborating with talented Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, Omar Shehata.

Originally intended to be an ironic pop parody, the direction of 'Olt Yemken' changed completely two months into the process. Ma-Beyn revealed to SceneNoise that, with each session spent together, the track became more and more a minimal electro-funk ballad. She talks of the issues plaguing the world, adding that the track is “open for interpretation in which every person is meant to link their own struggles to it.”Mastered by Ahmed Elian, the track draws heavy inspirations from a range of sources including Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Cher and Daft Punk. Shehata utilises a sweet-sounding synth lead for the majority of the track, a perfect accompaniment for the slightly wobbled bass, before the introduction of an arpeggiated telephone-sounding synth takes over. 

The track builds to a crescendo of neon retrofuturism and it stays clean, precise and uncluttered despite its growing layers, painting a compelling picture of an artist that has already