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Egyptian Alt-Rock Artist Hussob Releases Debut Video ‘Ruthless’

'Ruthless' come as the UAE-based alt-rock artist's first release of 2021 and his fourth release overall.

UAE-based Egyptian songwriter and producer Hussob, has released his debut music video and first track of 2021 ‘Ruthless’. This Marks his fourth official release, although Hussob is no stranger to the scene after performing both locally and internationally at Artkhana in Cairo and Wasla Festival in Dubai with his bands. 

His sound is evidently heavily influenced by alternative and alternative rock, while there are also hints of hip hop and metalcore. In ‘Ruthless’, Hussob continues in the melancholic direction set by his previous release in a song which narrates an internal clash between perceived and actual identity, fueled by a hunger for change.For Hussob, this latest release is the one he holds dearest to his heart. It’s a track which he says best encapsulates the struggle behind his duality. Hussob also plays out a heartfelt guitar riff that’s accompanied by syncopated hi-hats, giving it a refreshing groove.

The music video is reminiscent of early 2000’s alternative/rock videos, with close-ups, dim lights and an empty warehouse, the whole deal, courtesy of EYJEY.