Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Egyptian-Australian Moktar Bookends Debut EP with 'Cotton' Video

The producer's eponymous album has put him on the map in a big 2021.

Scene Noise

It’s been a big 2021 for Moktar. The Egyptian-Australian producer’s eponymous debut EP, Moktar, dropped in August to rave reviews - including on SceneNoise. Described as a “whirlwind of breakbeat-fusion, seasoned heavily with the sounds of North Africa and Arabia,” tracks like ‘Silk’ and ‘Lemon’ have offered an insight into the producer’s world that has left many asking for more. His videos, too, speak of his inclination for rich but enigmatic storytelling, not least the video for Silk.His latest and last offering from the EP is just as memorable in it visual interpretation, as what seems like a drone camera dips through and around a stunning red forest area where Moktar grew up. There’s little sign of civilization but for a bridge of cars and an unknown figure in the occasional inverted tone shot, a lost soul painted almost as the antithesis of his overwhelming surroundings.

It’s a stunning visual, in a very visceral, intangible way, a fitting  accompaniment to a seven-minute journey that, near the end, changes completely, acting almost as a final hurrah, a farewell.