Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian-Australian Moktar Fuses Techno, IDM & Arab Sounds in ‘Silk’

The new track and video comes ahead of a busy period for the producer, with a tour and an EP in the works.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egyptian-Australian DJ and producer Moktar shows a personalised interpretation of electronic music in his new single ‘Silk’.

Using traditional percussion for the main groove with the addition of boomy kicks to energise the track, the drums are laid out in a glitchy manner that hint at IDM influences. Melodically, a traditionally Eastern synth appears midway in the track while the deep vocal chops add another layer of glitch.The video, meanwhile, is quite something. One can only speculate, but it seems there are three seemingly simple elements: a human, some sheets and a large fan. We're sure it was much more complicated than that. Ultimately, it's a simple, nebulous visual, but one that is utterly hypnotic, as a hidden figure settles, struggle, explode in movement under a physical and metaphorical blanket of restrain in differing locations. It's the kind of video that can mean everything, anything or nothing at all, but there's a visceral nature about it that manage to do what few music videos do: actually compliment the music.

It’s still just the start for Moktar as he prepares to take the stage in an upcoming Australian tour, as well as to release his debut self-titled EP, so stay tuned.