Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Egyptian-Australian Rapper Kid Pharaoh Takes on The British Museum

Sydney-based Egyptian rapper Kid Pharaoh satirises the British Museum in his latest single by the same name, reimagining a heist amidst walls housing decades of colonial history.

Farah Desouky

Sydney-based Egyptian rapper Kid Pharaoh gets candid with Egyptian artefacts at the ‘British Museum’, with a track and music video by the same name. In his latest release, the rapper imagines an Egyptian heist, challenging his position as an Egyptian within British spaces and decades of colonial history. He does this through a stellar flow while poking fun at the hoarding of Egyptian treasures in the museum halls with his first lyric, ‘London bridge is falling down’.

Featuring an ongoing zaghroota melody throughout, the track and video bring traditional Egyptian elements satirically into the museum, with an Egyptian uncle making a cameo appearance smoking shisha and demanding a cup of tea from a clearly perplexed white flight attendant. And while Egypt’s renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass has recently taken it upon himself to bring the Rosetta Stone back home, Kid Pharaoh’s ‘British Museum’ acts like a Gen-Z-styled petition, reclaiming Egyptian history with a catchy hook.

Watch full video here: