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Egyptian Band Hageen Salute a Legend in 'Bob Marley Mash Up Min Misr'

Ever wondered what what an Egyptian Bob Marley might be like? No, no one has, but Alexandrian band, Hageen, pay tribute to the great reggae rouser in a way that only they can.

Hailing from the shores of Alexandria, Egyptian band, Hageen, hold a unique position on the contemporary music scene that's born out of the unbridled fun they seem to have making music. Never one's to take themselves to seriously, the band balance out that attitude with the fact that these dudes make some very solid reggae - sound that ain't played with all too often.

A legend of the genre is the subject of their latest track, the aptly and succinctly named 'Bob Marley Mash Up' - which does exactly what it says on the tin. The duo go through a string of classics, playing to camera in a simple video in their usual ludicrously laidback style. What got them to that space is a matter of speculation, but Bob would almost certainly approve.