Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Collective Ka2en Release Their First Official Video ‘Lamba’

The unorthodox crew go in a simple direction in their music video, keeping it smart with the edits and the transitions.

Ahmed Khalaf

Rising Egyptian collective Ka2en have been steadily proving their potential, rising as up-and-comers to watch with every release and gig they put on. The five-member team released their debut album ‘Bahr’ just five months ago, an unorthodox take on modern trap in their own unique style and sound, courtesy of members Kamikazem, his brother Ge11o, Sudma, Lil Abad, and singer and keyboardist Ma-Beyn. What makes them most unique is their personalized vocal mixing style of deepened vocals with rough tonality.

Though ‘Lamba’ has been previously released as a track on their album ‘Bahr’, the crew deemed it as the perfect track to make their first music video with. The video kicks off with a spotlight aimed at the three artists (Kamikazem, Ge11o, and Sudma) who shift between the spotlight as it moves by. The trippy visuals throughout the video keep the viewer amazed and wanting to see more as the phase-shifts between them occur.

Mid-way through, the spotlight shines on Ma-Beyn, who offers a stunning choreography of contemporary dance, while Sudma sings the chorus in spiritual ambience. In Ge11o’s verse, all five of the crew (including Lil Abad) can be found cruising together, shifting places with each dissolving transition, a visually appealing touch. Lastly, by the end of the video, each of the three rappers can be found on a different spotlight, and as the music fades away, the artists dissipates and the three spotlights slowly merge into one.

Produced by Sudma, the producer/rapper offers a mysterious trap instrumental, making the use of a mellow piano-line and a fat 808, using finger cymbals instead of hi-hats for an Egyptian touch on the beat. Lyrically, the three rappers indulge in their musical prowess with full confidence, with the name ‘Lamba’ representing them lighting up the scene, which is also why the video kicks off with a spotlight and they’re the only “lit” ones in it.

Watch the video below.