Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egyptian DJ Hakim Collabs with Glitech Pavel for 'Angels Talking' EP

It appears Egyptian inspiration blended with Rominimal can achieve a welcome experimental outcome.

Ahmed Khalaf

In Egypt’s emerging electronic music scene, we’ve seen peculiar releases from local talents who are spreading beyond the subgenres of ambient, house, minimal, and electro, to more experimentalism in juke, footwork, and jungle. As such sounds increase their popularity in DJ setlists around the world, Egyptian musicians are collaborating with foreign producers to expand the reach of their sound.

One such artist is Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ, Hakim, who has released his new Angels Talking EP in collaboration with Romanian DJ and producer, Glitech Pavel.

The two-track EP consists of their co-production on the original version of ‘Angels Talking’ followed by a Glitech Pavel remix.Angels Talking kicks off in a fashion that is undeniably Rominimal - the minimal tech-house fusion within the Romanian underground. Tight kicks, a subby bass, and a warm monogamous lead accompanied by crackles and swirly risers make up the bulk of the track, with elements coming and going and channeling the energy of time passing within the track. In Pavel’s remix, he incorporates glitchy vocals into the mix, and adds an abrasive metallic stab to spice things up.

In an impressive attempt to produce a truly Romanian minimal track, Hakim and Pavel combine their talents and experience to produce an authentically minimal outcome.