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Egyptian Experimentalist Maurice Louca Teases New Album with ‘Bidayat’

The instrumental sound gives a typically enigmatic peek at the flavour of his upcoming album ‘Saet El Hazz’.

Cairo-based experimental musician Maurice Louca has released a traditional percussion-infused yet cheerfully unconventional melody ‘Bidayat (Holocene)’ as he teases his upcoming album Saet El Hazz, or The Lucky Hour.

‘Bidayat’s assortment of instruments is guided into a layered composition carefully stirred by Maurice Louca, with an unorthodox sound in which traditional Middle Eastern melodies may reign but are seasoned with offbeat rumbling, animal sounds, coughs of engines, and whistles to generate a lighthearted experimental sound.The album will feature Beirut-based ‘A’ Trio, which includes improvisational guitarist Mazen Kerbaj, Lebanese jazz trumpeter Sharif Sehnaoui, and Lebanese visual and sound artist Raed Yassin, as well as Anthea Caddy, Christine Kazaryan, and Khaled Yassine, while boasting guest appearances by Ayman Asfour and Brahja Waldman.

A result of the Mophradat Consortium Commissions programme - in which cultural centres collaborate to platform and support emerging artists from the Arab world - the full panorama that is the Saet El Hazz album will be released on 24th September.