Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Egyptian Producer Baher Releases Eclectic EP ‘The Chase’

An eclectic project that was a year in the works, Baher’s new EP takes inspiration from a range of sources.

Ahmed Khalaf

A leading name in Egypt’s electronic music scene, Baher has released his anticipated EP The Chase, a collection of club tracks written during the 2020 summer confinement. An independently-released project, it comes as a summer-ready collection to stand as a diverse set of its own.

'Sine Love’ gets going with an uplifting groove as drums couple with tropical keys that dance with a warm bassline, and give space for punches to come from the kicks. ‘The Chase’ and ‘Nothing Stays’ take the EP to a bass-heavy direction, while the other tracks rely more on the oomf of the kick drum. ‘Nothing Stays’ is filled with a honey-to-the-ears sharp acid lead which works as the ideal companion for the gritty bass that is present within the lows, with the weight of percussions enhancing its distinctive qualities.

The seemingly East Asian-inspired ‘str84rmd90s’ gives glitchy breakbeat drums that are interrupted by a feisty and distorted sub-bass which injects energy into the track.

Finally, embodying an entirely new aura, ‘Pad Heat’ closes with an uplifting and bright energy. Violin-resembling-pads lay the bed for reverberated hi-hats, a shimmering ending to an eclectic EP.