Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egyptian Rapper Kassar is Back With Debut Album ‘CAI’

Egyptian rapper Kassar is back in a new light with his debut album ‘CAI’.

Farah Desouky

Kassar - the Egyptian rapper behind ‘Top El Top’ and ‘3arafa’ - explores his Cairo culture-shock experience in a five-track album titled ‘CAI’. Embracing his vulnerable side, Kassar’s debut album flings listeners into a fever-dream-esque facet of his personal life.

Exploring the themes of home and belonging, Kassar entrenches each individual song within powerful motifs as a means of ensuring each song encompasses a different aspect, and by proximity mental state, of his emotionally-ridden musical career.

Director Ahmed Gad aids in bringing Kassar’s vision to life in ‘FRT’ with a ballsy music video presenting Cairo in a new light. ‘CAI’ is recorded and produced by Beatroot Records, with three tracks produced by DJ and sonic powerhouse Ismail Nosrat, and two tracks by synthesist and music producer Kubbara.