Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Egyptian Rapper Mosalem Shows Love for Significant Other in ‘Daddy’

The rapper and radio host presents a different colour to Egyptian trap.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egyptian rap ain't always gangsta. Within the trap scene there’s an emergence of finely polished productions that are self-deprecating or deeply expressive in their nature.

Rapper and radio DJ Mosalem, whose stage name spells out pacifism in Arabic, is known for intellectual subject matters in his songs, and expresses a love for his partner in new single ‘Daddy’.

Mosalem, or Moe Salem, recounts a brief story in a personalised delivery that mixes Arabic and English lyrics in a manner as smooth as butter. With a guitar-filled trap instrumental, Mosalem creates a beat matching his voice and lyrical direction, with a trumpet and a piano accompanying the guitar for a melodic, Latin feel.