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Egyptian Rapper Perrie Releases First Track from Upcoming EP '12:01AM'

Written, produced and even mixed & mastered by Perrie herself, 'Al3ab Beek (Video Gamed) offers the peek at her much anticipated and suddenly-announced album.

In music, one must accept that you can’t please everyone. Few artists on Egypt’s rap scene, however, have been met with as much unsubstantiated disapproval as Perrie. We can’t escape the fact that this is largely down to a very typical underlying bigotted element in the rap fan base, typical of Arab communities still. Within the industry, the circles in which Perrie finds herself in, there’s a buzz and an excitement at what Perrie can be. Abyusif has embraced her as one of his El Mexic compadres, alongside Abo El Anwar and Lil Baba, emerging as something of a mentor for rapper that’s sitting on bags of raw potential.

Less than a week ago, that excitement and buzz peeked, when she announced that she would be imminently releasing a new EP, 12:10AM, and just a few days on the first peek of the album has arrived.'Al3ab Beek (Video Game)' sees Perrie showcase the full depth of her talents, writing, producing, mixing and mastering this track and the whole EP. An inconspicuous trap beat provides an efficient backdrop for Perrie to exercise the rap skill many continue to doubt she possesses, effortlessly flowing and seamlessly changing things up to show that she has in it her stand with the best of them. Is this the next Egyptian rap viral hit? Probably not, but it offers a showcase of Perrie’s talents as a lyricist and the it’s the album that will provide a true measure of her evolution since she emerged with Shigella 18 months ago.

For more on Perrie, check out her episode from the #SceneNoise series taking a deep dive into Egypt's rap scene, 8 Bars.