Saturday March 25th, 2023
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El Mexic Release a Heart-Throbbing Somber Reflecting on Their Careers

This low-spirited release wholly reiterates the recurring flexing narrative synonymous to rap releases, and unveils a humbled down arc to the rappers.

Scene Noise

Egyptian rap group El Mexic - made up of Abo El Anwar, Abyusif and Lil Baba - are making an emotional comeback in their new collaboration, ‘El Rap Ghayarni’. Putting their vulnerability on display, the release reflects on how they came to be, with an emphasis on the heavy strain that fame has instilled into their psyche.

The somber track encapsulates themes of the rappers’ inner turmoil, as they shed light on the enforced peer pressure triggered by the next generation of rappers. Leaving them in a fury of fixating on things like online trends, and finding the ‘perfect flow’ which they claimed strips rap from its essence.

With Lil baba on the beat you’re in for a treat wretched with angst, a desolating 90s backbeat and cascading synths of woe enforcing the listener into dismay.

This woeful release is available for stream on all major streaming platforms.