Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

El Morabba3 Return With Hallucinatory Video for ‘El Wuhoosh’

After a six-year hiatus, the Jordanian alternative group have released their latest single and music video.

Zaid Kreshan

Following their 2016 album ‘Taraf Al Khait’, beloved Jordanian alt-rock group El Morabba3 return with their brand new single ‘El Wuhoosh’, released under Alt Orient. Though their aforementioned album saw them experimenting with an electronic musical palette, this release sees the group veering more into electronic territory than ever before, centering their sound around a more contemporary style.

This change in sound also comes with the band’s new formation, with band-leader Mohammad Abdallah contributing with singing, songwriting and lyrics, and band-member Basel Naouri providing music production and sound design.

The track and music video take us through a dark and haunting journey, as we are confronted by visual imagery and lyrical themes of terror and hallucination. The lyrics of the track address the frustration and anger that the narrator takes us through, recounting their illusory encounters with cruel and uncontrollable apparitions.

In the track, we are drawn in by a thin, droning synthesiser that provides a bed for Abdullah’s spoken-word vocals, building tension in the first leg of the release. Elaborate sound effects and synthesisers then pave the way for the track’s instrumental to transition into an electronica-inspired soundscape, rich with deep drum sounds and faint synthesisers. After Abdullah’s syncopated vocals walk us through this segment, the track then goes into full force with raging pads, massive synthesisers, and atmospheric ambient textures that come together as a solid wall-of-sound. This cathartic sonic style echoes the band’s previous work, as they continue to incorporate some of their rock DNA into their current work.

Director Eric Hillenbrand takes us on a vivid and discomforting music video, where lead singer Mohammad Abdallah is presented in a desolate setting. We are then met with experimental visual effects by Riccardo Torresi and Maxime Lethelier that bring the track’s macabre and hallucinogenic themes to life.

Watch the full video here: