Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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El Waili’s ‘Echo The Nymph’ is a Captivating Journey of a Song

The nine-minute song spans across the emotional spectrum and comes with an enigmatic video.

Yara Abus-Suud

Reshaping his signature psychedelic sound to complement the styles of Molotof, Ziad Khaled and Idreesi, and Donia Wael, Egyptian producer El Waili has consistently demonstrated an ability to conjure up a new sound while maintaining his distinctive touch.

His latest release ‘Echo the Nymph’ is a journey, a nine-minute eclectic song that seeks to transcend itself. Composed of distinct segments, with each reflecting an emotion and mood of its own, it spans across a sense of sentimentality and reminiscence, calmness, and anxiousness, with dubstep undertones scattered throughout.Edited by Mostafa Othman, its accompanying music video tells a cryptic story perhaps clear only to El Waili himself, with visuals complementing the eclectic sound and making for a viscerally captivating experience.