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Exist Festival Announce V/A Album in Support of Palestinian Medics

The album features local artists showcasing their counterculture spirit.

Palestine’s first electronic music festival which took place in 2019, Exist, is collaborating with Bristol-based collective Avon Terror Corps to release a compilation album, the proceeds of which will go in support of Palestinians.

The album, Resist to Exist, comes at an aftermath moment following the Palestinian medical services’ efforts to safeguard their population in the face of recent airstrikes against their territories. For that reason, 100 percent of the album’s profits will go in support of Friends of PMRS, a US-based nonprofit which works to support the work and health programmes of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

The album tracklist already features 22 artists, and the compilation will continue to grow with more tracks to be added before its final release on 4th June, 2021. Like the Exist Festival, the album seeks to present the finest local talent and showcase their counterculture spirit. Some of the tracks have been made available to listen to - check it out below.