Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Felukah Craves Cairo in New Neo-Soul Track ‘Neighborhood’

The NYC-based Egyptian rapper and singer returns to her roots in more ways than one.

Scene Noise

Last seen sparking a chemistry with Jordanian rapper, The Synaptik, that most couldn’t have seen with two single releases and collaborative performance at London’s Shubbak Festival, Egyptian rapper, Felukah, has returned to her roots in more ways than one in her latest release.

While some of the lyrics in ‘Neighborhood’ are on the enigmatic side, others directly reference the New York-based artist’s native Cairo, in a longing, almost pining way. The track also sees her return to the neo-soul stylings that first put her on the map, harking back to her 2020 debut album, Citadel.Produced by Vinay Pai and mixed by longtime collaborator, Mostafa Zaghloul, the track’s energy sits somewhere between soft soul and perkier R&B beat that allows her to showcase her vocal chops.

There’s no indication yet that this could be the first piece of a bigger upcoming project, though that signature soulful sound that gained her so many fans is a welcome return - as is her championing of her homeland, which stands by far as the hottest spot of rap in the Middle East right now.