Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Felukah Drops Eclectic Three Track EP ‘Harara’

‘Harara’ is a sonically diverse homage to the many genres that influence Felukah while maintaining her unique musical identity.

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Felukah Drops Eclectic Three Track EP ‘Harara’

Egyptian rapper Felukah’s newly-released EP, ‘Harara’, combines various genres with her familiar code-switching signature and dreamy cover.

The first song on her EP, ‘Btwhashni’, launches its listeners into a sonically-diverse journey, as a heavily infused drum and bass tune integrates her eclectic and poetic lyrics into its musical fabric. Although drum and bass was born out of the 1990 UK jungle scene, ‘Btwhashni’ does not shy away from claiming the genre as its own while simultaneously infusing its own Arab twist. Similarly, her newly-released ‘Btwhashni’ music video embodies the chaotic energy of the drum and bass genre, drawing parallels between sound and image, and crafts a well-balanced visual aesthetic composed of glitches, camcorders and light-leaks.

While ‘Harara’ starts on a more electric and breakbeat heavy tone, the second track - ‘Ra2i2a’ - takes on a more subdued approach, with a softer melody and voice. The poignant bass,, which accompanies and uplifts Felukah’s lyricism throughout the track, makes it particularly pleasant and memorable. She seamlessly weaves in English lyrics with Arabic, creating a unique and inclusive bilingual world.

The album’s final track, ‘Dance With Me’, amalgamates the energy and zest of ‘Btwhashni’ with the enchanting melody of ‘Ra2i2a’, creating a blended and distinctive hyper-pop sound. The track’s chorus sings “One, one-two-three, that’s Felukah on the beat” makes the track both incredibly singable and danceable.

Felukah’s EP is particularly unique in how it appeals to diverse ears, merging various sounds whilst dismantling the very boundaries they adhere to. The album is inspired by a myriad of genres from across the world which Felukah adapts, reimagines and deconstructs within her own trademark sound.