Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Ferkesh: Adam Jammal - Koulou Banat

In this episode, we talk to director Adam Jammal about his work on Gharam Electric’s latest music video, Koulou Banat.

Zaid Kreshan

Ferkesh: Adam Jammal - Koulou Banat

Lebanese Director Adam Jammal joins SceneNoise for this episode of Ferkesh. Having directed Gharam Electric’s latest music video Kolou Banat, Jammal tells us about how he prepared for the filming by consuming intimate live show videos, in order to achieve a dramatic, yet natural atmosphere.

Jammal’s work is patient and austere, and his compositions and imagery blend seamlessly between badass imagery and touching sentimentality.

Ferkesh is SceneNoise’s series that focuses on the exceptional work of directors within the MENA music industry. As music videos have become such a crucial part of an artists’ success, we want to spotlight the people who have been part of creating iconic content seen by millions of fans.