Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Freek Tackles Child Abuse & Mental Health in New Track 'Kafi'

The UAE-based Somali rapper's latest track takes a softer tack than his usual bangers.

Scene Noise

It's not often that the worlds of child welfare and rap come together, but Somali rapper, Freek, raises the topic in his newest track, 'Kafi'. WHile the UAE-based rhymer has won his legions of fans for travesring the worlds of trap and drill, this track takes on a decidedly more sombre, reflective tone and a beat that can best be described as mellow-trap, a simple piano line defining it.
The video is a suitably piece of emotional filmmaking and comes with a description that sums up the track as a whole.

This film was produced based on real life events that happen every single day in some families, somewhere around the world. It tackles the issue of child abuse and mental health issues and how children usually deal with this situations.