Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Fulltone Drops ‘Love in Space’ EP on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream

A hypnotic and measured four-track trek into the terrains of organic and deep house by Egypt’s Amr Khaled.

Ahmed Khalaf

In a time when electronic music in Egypt has been heading into darker, more experimental territories with producers, Amr Khaled aka Fulltone, has delivered a refreshingly raw and organic sound in new EP, Love in Space, on UK label, All Day I Dream.

Launched by organic and deep house extraordinaire Lee Burridge, the label concentrates on the brighter side of the electronic music spectrum. Fulltone has been a part of the Dream family for quite some time now, playing alongside Burridge at Shorelines in Almaza Bay back in 2019 and featuring on their live streams frequently. Love in Space marks his debut release with the label and it’s a match made in heaven.

Running across four seven-plus minute tracks, the EP kicks off with the self-titled track, a bright, almost tropical and all-round mellow. ‘Castles in the Air’ follows on nicely, using similar sonic elements in regards to the percussion and melody, but amped up. ‘Happy Accidents’ and ‘Oceans of Wisdom’ take on a richer and more soulful rich organic approach, rounding off what is an outstanding meld of deep and organic house, one that showcases the latter at its best.